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My sizing chart is designed to help you choose a steam generator kilowatt size based on the answers you choose. Make sure let me know if you are using a marine grade fan. Nearly everyone installs one or adds a portable one after one session. One session you are hooked! You may need a 9kw if getting a one brand or a 7.5kw size or 10.5 in another. It all depends on the latent heat index and fluence of steam coming out.

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Will the ceiling be slanted or flat?
Drier steam has less drippiness from the ceiling.
If you have a ceiling over 7 foot tall, would you prefer upsizing in kilowatt size or installing a marine grade fan to blow the steam down?
Take the Sizing Quiz below
How high is your steam room ceiling going to be?
(a circulation fan is recommended for 8 foot and up)
How intense do you like your steam?
Don't confuse intensity with high latent heat index with a hot room and little steam.
What temperature range do you want your steam room to be at?
Be sure not to oversize it. Less dense dry steam is better than just more wet steam.
Do you want your steam room more relaxing or more therapeutic?
Steam with less humidity is more relaxing and easier to breath in.
What type of finish will you have?
What types of pipes are you using going to the steam head?
I urge everyone to have at least 3/4 inch. I recommend 1 inch if using a pressurized generator to keep the noise down.
Do you know the R value of your wall insulation where the steam room will be?
(This is another factor in getting the right killowatt size generator). Insulations with high R values (over 12) have a big effect on this. R20 is not good. If too low then it will come on too quick and will be running almost the entire time (typical of 1 KW size too small)
Do you have high water pressure?
Many problems happen if you don't have a pressure reducer if your generator needs it.
How fast do you want your heat up time till the room is at 100% humidity?
Faster steam often results in wetter steam. Slower more steady steam makes dryer steam
Most sizing charts don't take into consideration heat co-efficients, latent heat indexes, and quality of steam that is effected by upsizing inaccurately, especially dryness fractions (those that give a less vaporized steam).
Warning: Steamrooms that heat up too quickly and get to 100% humidity too quick will not be able to condense the steam faster than the generator is producing it. This is the biggest problem people run into.
What is the longest time you want to wait till the next steam duty cycle to kick back on without having to pour water on the sensor?
Are you going to be using a water softener?
Heating elements and boiling tanks can develop limescale problems if not 304 surgical steel and water is too hard
How often will you use your steam room?
If not using surgical steel you might have to do maintenance often to flush the sediment with a chemical solution.
How long do you want to have your steam sessions?
Some generators make wetter steam and have a higher latent heat index and increase your pulse quicker. Most people want to exit their steam room once their pulse gets up to 150 bmp.
Do you understand the difference between Saturated Steam (DRY) and Unsaturated Steam (WET) from my site?
Have you already found your kilowatt size on a sizing chart?
If so, what kw size was recommended?

​Which brand did they recommend that size with?
Leave blank if none
Will there be any cold windows in the steam room?
What is the width of the steam room?
What is the length of the steam room?
How many feet will the generator be from the steam room?
Have you been in a sweat lodge before?
How many cubic feet is your steam room?
If you don't know leave blank.
Did you find my website helpful?
Which brand of steam generator are you comparing the most?
Sizing Charts - Do not go by them unless you know the steam type you want.
Most sizing charts are so out dated. So many people go by the chart and get just enough steam where you don’t feel the need to splash water on the sensors. These charts don’t take into consideration the latent heat index of a room. Someone could buy a 9 kw generator and they really needed a 7.5 kw generator but the salesperson upsized them just to make sure it would make enough steam. All they did was mess up the duty cycle of the steam generator and the steam will be off way more than it will be on because the room is so hot from too much heat created. But, this is better for them than not having enough steam and taking a chance the customer will return their generator. This is not fair for the customer by any means. Some people want more vapor and they still sell them an oversized generator but still recommend the pressure tank type instead of the open tank. 

Every day someone calls in for a size that was recommended and then when they want dry steam I tell them they need to upsize the generator they think I am telling them wrong. When we did our tests, a 10.5 kw open tank compared to a 10.5 kw closed pressure cooker type will always stay on longer giving more steam than the closed type. People that are concerned about wet or dry steam should not go by the standard charts. This will give customers just enough steam that will be suitable, usually the pressurized types. There are always people that want a more intense steam that will upsize their kilowatt size but I would take precautions unless it is an open tank type. Remember, they are basing the charts on steam with a high latent heat index. If someone buys the wrong size, they can have long steam delays or it can just heat up the room with very little steam.

For those that know their steam room measurements but want to make sure they are getting the right size kilowatt size and want to make sure it is just the right wattage, take my steam sizing questionnaire. You might get a totally different recommendation from us and we will tell you why we came up with our measurement and why the recommendation on another site could possibly be wrong if you are trying to get the highest quality steam based on your room. The wrong size can mean lots of drippiness and having a very muggy steam.
7 foot
8 foot
9 foot
Check only if: you want to be put on the waiting list for a demo, returned, used, scratched, or dented steam generator in stock.
10 foot
Ceramic tile - add 30%
natural stone - add 100%
Fiber Glass
glass wall - add 10%
I prefer to install a fan
under 110 degrees
110 to 115 degrees
over 115 degrees
not sure yet
More relaxing
More therapeutic
1/2 inch
3/4 inch
I don't know yet.
1 inch
no, not yet
I can find out
I have normal water pressure
not sure, please tell me which one to buy at Home Depot
high water pressure
under 1 minute
3 to 5 minutes
1 to 2 minutes
doesn't matter
not sure
I want a more constant steam production (dryer steam)
I don't want to wait over 3 minutes between steam sessions
No. (I want surgical steel heating elements and tank)
Yes, my water is hard
I don't know yet
every day
4 to 6 times a week
less than 4 times per week
don't know yet
10 to 15 minutes
15 to 20
20 to 30
45 to 1 hour
30 to 45
I don't know yet
No, I am still learning
Yes, I am now aware of the differences in steam quality
There is a window but not cold
There will be a cold window
no windows
I can do it either way
yes, I have been in a sweat lodge
yes and informative
yes but overwhelming
no, still confused
I am still reading it
Mr. Steam
Elite Steam
I prefer to get a higher kilowatt size (this makes wetter steam)
I don't know. Please help me decide.